About Sliding Scale


In an attempt to make growing food accessible to as many people as possible, atplanta operates on a sliding scale basis.


We ask those who can afford it to pay more than the “value” of our goods and services, enabling those with fewer financial resources to pay less. This arrangement lets us pay our bills, while bringing more gardens to more people

Below, we give you a few ways to think about how much to contribute for the gardening services and products we offer.

I have very little expendable income.*

I have little to no savings.

I have stress about meeting basic needs.

I have debt that gets in the way of meeting my basic needs.

I have some expendable income.*

I have some savings.

I have some stress about meeting basic needs, but regularly achieve them.

have significant expendable income.*

I have a comfortable retirement plan.

I have a significant financial safety net. 

*Expendable income might  include spending on things like restaurants, coffee shops, movies, concerts, new clothes

Here's a good rule of thumb:

If a price-point is difficult but not detrimental, consider it worthwhile. You may have to cut back on unessential spending in the short term, but it won't have a long-term, harmful impact on your life.

On the other hand, if a price-point would have a harmful impact on your life (not being able to afford food, rent, or transportation), you should move lower on the scale.

Atplanta Sliding Scale Pricing

If our lowest suggested prices are inaccessible for you, reach out to us. We'll find a way!

Interested in our services?


Contact us. We'll discuss your individual needs and come up with a plan.

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