Garden Installation

When you start a garden with us, we'll:

Install the garden infrastructure

Plant the garden with seedlings and seeds of your choice

Follow up with up to three comprehensive visits (one for container gardens) in which we will check on plants, address pests, fertilize, mulch, and even replant if necessary 


4 Be available by phone and text for questions and concerns throughout the season!


Start with the soil you already have!

We'll “double-dig” the earth and add rich compost to your yard's Georgia clay. In-ground beds can be built at practically any size.


If you want to grow on a large-scale or are looking for affordability, choose this option.


Beautiful and easy to maintain!


Because they're a foot (or more) off the ground, these are easier to tend to with less bending. Raised bed gardens use new, high-quality soils to ensure ideal growing conditions.


If you're looking for accessibility and aesthetics, this is it.


No sunny yard? No problem.

Container gardening can be surprisingly bountiful. This option includes 6 five-gallon planters that can go wherever you want!

If you're in an apartment or have an overly-shady yard, this is for you!



Have the best of both worlds!


Can't decide between a raised bed and an in-ground bed?​ We'll double dig your existing soil, add compost, and frame it with 6" of wood. 

Choose this if you like raised beds but want something more affordable!










*Pricing is for our standard 8'x4' beds, though we are happy to  accommodate custom jobs.

Interested in a garden installation?