If you're interested in this service, sign up through the contact page or email us at azhar@atplanta.com! Tell us a little bit about what you want! We'll get back to you.


After we have installed your garden (or if you already have one), we offer a seasonal garden maintenance and replanting service! This includes:


     - 15-20 seedlings and/or direct seeding of your choice

     - weekly maintenance for the first two weeks (watering, planting, organic fertilizing, mulching, trellising, addressing pest concerns, and harvesting as needed)

     - bi-weekly maintenance for the remainder of the season

     - replanting midway through the season (if necessary)


The cost varies by season:


     - Spring (February-April): $200 ( 7 visits, ~$45 to food equity project)

     - Fall (September-December): $200 (7 visits, ~$45 to food equity project)

     - Summer (May-August): $250 (9 visits, ~$45 to food equity projec)

Seasonal Gardening Services


    yes of course, we're organic.

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